Grafham Water week ending 2 September

5 years ago

Fish 362 (Season 9,517) Returns 179 (2,094) Rod average 2.02 (4.54)

Grafham Water hosted the Scierra Pairs Final on 26 August. Congratulations to Bill McIlroy and Michael Loy who are now 2018 Scierra Pairs Champions.

A variety of methods have been used out on the boats from dries to pulling snakes and blobs on a di5. The usual areas have been fishing well but there have also been good results for fishing the wind lanes.

We have stocked 2,900 fish this week with more deliveries to come. The fish stocked have been of a high standard with many stockies weighing in at 2½lb to 3lb which is great for this time of year. These have been stocked from our harbour and are now growing fat on Grafham shrimp.

The dam has been fishing really well for bank anglers who have been able to get to the fish as they still remain deep with an average water temperature of 17 degrees Celsius.

We saw a successful start to the new predator season at Grafham on 1 September with lots of boats out on the water.

Grafham Water is proud to announce that on 30th and 31st March 2019 we will be hosting Perchmania. This fantastic new competition run by the organisers of the World Predator Classic and Zandermania is sure to deliver some specimen perch, possibly to record size. Teams of two will compete over two days to catch their ten longest Perch, The main prize will be for the individual who catches the longest Perch. More information and bookings can be made via the Perchmania facebook page.

Fishing Stats

Best Rainbow: 3lb 2oz taken by Mr Walker.

Best boat areas: Aeration tower, aerators, the bowl, open water drifting, mouth of Savages, mouth of Gaynes Cove, South dam, wind lanes.

Best bank areas:  The dam, The Willows, Deep Water Point, G bank, Marlow Arm.

Midweek boat winner:  Mr Walker of Bury St Edmunds.

Fish stocked: 2,900

Forthcoming events

Predator lure fishing 1-30 September

Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019

English National 15 & 16 September

Grafham Water Championship by invitation 22 September

BC Hall 4 October

Beginners courses See our page for details.

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