Learn to Fish

New to fly fishing? Could you benefit from fishing lessons? Get to grips with the basics and learn some handy hints and tips with our fly fishing beginner's course. 

Run throughout the year, an experienced, qualified instructor delivers a full day's tuition and covers everything the beginner needs to know, including tackle, casting techniques, presentation, trout behaviour and safety. 

The course, which includes a course booklet and light lunch, costs £88 for adults and £67 for juniors (14-17). 

On completing the course, you will be entitled to buy a starter season permit, giving you access to all four of our trout fisheries, taking up to two trout each day with a limit of 65 over the season. For courses from 1 June a pro-rata permit price will apply.

Tell me more about the fly fishing courses

Our qualified instructor runs beginner's courses throughout the year. 

You get a full day’s tuition on tackle, casting techniques, trout behaviour, presentation and, of course, safety.

At £88 for adults and just £67 for juniors aged between 14 and 17, we throw in a course booklet for your future reference, free use of tackle all day and even a light lunch.

But our courses are very popular, so booking in advance is a must. 

What the graduates say

Thanks to the quality of our tuition, we get some wonderful feedback from beginners.

"Brilliant course. Thank you."
"A really good introduction to the sport."
"A great day, learnt a lot and the course was the right pace."
"Excellent tutor - put everyone at ease."
"Caught two fish!"

What happens after the course?

You can buy a starter season permit, giving you access to all four of our trout fisheries. That allows you to take up to two trout a day, to a maximum of 65 over the season.

You can renew the permit for one further season and then get a discount if you upgrade to a full season permit. And, if you attend a course after 1 June, we adjust the permit price pro rata.

Just ask at the lodge for details.

What about fishing for predators?

The techniques are the same, whatever species you’re interested in, so our predator beginner courses follow the same format as those for trout.

We can get you catching on all our waters.

You will be coached on predator tackle during the day and you’ll learn how to tie a few pike flies.

And, to round off your skillset, we also run courses to develop your boat handling skills.

Take a look at the table below and choose a date and location that suits your schedule. Then call your chosen water park and we’ll take it from there.

Update on 2021 Beginners Courses

Following the Prime Minister's 'roadmap' announcement on 22 February, we can confirm that we are going to open Rutland, Grafham, Pitsford and Ravensthorpe waters for Fly fishing for Trout from bank and boat from 1 April 2021. We are now taking bookings for our Beginners courses - check out the dates in the table below.

Beginners' Fly Fishing Courses 2021

Rutland: 01780 686441
Saturday 10th, Saturday 17th, Thursday 22nd, Saturday 24th
Friday 7th, Thursday 20th, Sunday 30th
Saturday 5th, Friday 11th, Thursday 17th, Wednesday 23rd
Saturday 10th, Tuesday 13th, Sunday 25th, Saturday 31st
Sunday 15th, Sunday 29th
Friday 3rd, Sunday 5th, Saturday 11th, Sunday 19th, Wednesday 22nd
Friday 1st, Saturday 9th, Friday 15th, Sunday 24th, Wednesday 27th
Sunday 7th
Sunday 5th
Grafham: 01480 810531
Saturday 3rd, Wednesday 7th, Friday 16th, Sunday 25th
Sunday 2nd, Sunday 9th, Saturday 22nd, Friday 28th
Sunday 6th, Saturday 12th, Friday 18th, Friday 25th
Sunday 4th, Friday 9th, Thursday 15th, Friday 30th
Sunday 8th, Saturday 14th, Saturday 28th
Sunday 12th, Friday 17th, Thursday 23rd
Sunday 3rd, Sunday 10th, Thursday 14th, Saturday 23rd, Friday 29th
Friday 5th
Saturday 4th
Pitsford: 01604 781350
Tuesday 13th, Sunday 18th
Saturday 8th, Sunday 23rd, Saturday 29th
Sunday 13th, Sunday 20th, Thursday 24th
Sunday 11th, Friday 16th, Saturday 24th
Sunday 1st, Saturday 7th, Friday 13th, Friday 27th
Thursday 9th, Saturday 18th
Saturday 2nd, Friday 8th, Saturday 30th
Saturday 6th
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