Grafham Water week ending 28 December

1 year ago

Fish 240 Returns 41 Rod average 5.8

Bank fishing at Grafham is still good for those intrepid anglers who are prepared to brave the cold and wind. If you are planning a visit keep an eye on the wind direction. Deep Water Point, Pylon Point, Coves Point and of course G Mark; will all be holding fish that have had little fishing pressure. There are still shrimp feeders along the north shore but be prepared to throw them something a bit snaky if twiddling isn’t producing. If the wind stays Westerly and South Westerly then the Seat and Plummers will be your best bet along with the Dam. The Harbour arms have taken a battering this last couple of weeks so sport here has slowed down due to angling pressure however it continues to produce larger trout in the 4lb to 5lb mark all coming to snakes and fry patterns.

Boat fishing has slowed recently, the fish seem to have dispersed spreading themselves out thinly across the reservoir, making it imperative for the boat angler to keep moving for the best chance to find the feeding fish. Try any of the same areas recommended for the bank fishermen remembering to stay a respectful distance away from any bank angler.

Grafham held a post Christmas bank match on Saturday the 28th, this included 19 anglers with a 6 six fish limit with no catch and release. The water fished well with 7 of the anglers catching their limit. The winning bag weighed in at 17lb 10oz, proving that the bank fishing at Grafham is still second to none.

Grafham continues to be the only water worth predator fishing, with our perch and zander being caught regularly and always to a good size. The pike fishing has certainly slowed in recent weeks, the way forward with these toothy critters will be fishing the deep water with a 50 gram shad, with a very slow retrieve.      

Fishing continues to 31 January. Winter boats available from 9am to sunset £21, single man £15.

Tackle shop opening hours are 8am to 1pm from 1 December.

Forthcoming events

Grafham Shrimpmasters bank series  12 January.

Beginners course: 5 January 2020.

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