Rutland Water week ending 10 October

2 weeks ago

Fish week 2,024 (Season 34,294)  Returns 538 (5,972) Rod average 3.76 (5.74) 

Rutland was very busy last week with the conclusion of the WCC Airflo International on Monday. Conditions were much better and this reflected the quality of the Rutland fish brought to the scales. With many rainbows weighing over 3lb and a superb specimen of 6lb 11oz recorded from Manton Bay. Best brown of the competition took the scales round to 7lb 3oz. Congratulations to the Welsh Hawks who put in a superb performance over the 2 days recording a 75 fish total with Nymphomaniacs in second with 59 fish and Menteith Ospreys in 3rd with 44 fish respectively. Rutland hosted the popular Autumn pairs competition on Sunday with Rudder and Non rudder sections fished to reservoir rules. Best bag was 6 fish for a tremendous 22lb 15oz including a 6lb 15oz brown and rainbows at 4lb 11oz and 4lb 10oz, top angling.  

Targeting the weedbeds has again produced many fine rainbows and browns to 5lb plus; the quality of these fish is superb with a substantial breaking strain leader a must. It is important to keep on the move in the boat, drifting on to the weedbeds the best method; with floating fry, popper fry or dries the best approach. 3 trees down the North Arm to Armley Wood, Barnsdale Steep bank and Creek have all produced sport from the boats. Down the South Arm, Old Hall Bay, Yellowstone, Spud Bay and Gibbets Gorse have been good areas to concentrate on. The main basin continues to hold good numbers of fish, certainly along the Normanton bank a good starting point with lures and FAB/nymph combinations all scoring. 

The recent strong winds have also opened more areas up for the bank angler with fish taken from Sailing Club Bay, Blue pipes, Half Moon Spinney, Armley Wood, Barnsdale steep bank and Ernies Point. Weed is still prevalent in most areas but holding a large amount of food for the trout. Buoyant patterns are a must with fry, snail and shrimp all on the menu. Prospects look good for more of the same with 2,500 fish due to be stocked this week and water temperatures decreasing sport should continue in the same vein! 

Forthcoming events 
Fry Bashers 17 October (by invitation) 
George Moore Memorial Trophy (rudder) 6 November 
Zander Cup 13 November 
Anglian Water Rudder Match 20 November 
Fur & Feather (bank) 5 December 01780 686441 


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