Grafham Water week ending 7th April 2024

1 month ago

Rod average - 11.0

The North shore is still fishing well, despite adverse weather conditions - with big southerly winds sometimes making fishing over there uncomfortable.

Last week we stocked around 5000 fish along the south shore, with the sampled fish from Friday's stocking averaging around 3lb!  A lot of these fish seem to be staying on the south shore, which means that there are now areas along both the south and North shore that are producing fantastic sport.  This is also great news for boats fishing in a big southerly wind and want a bit of protection. 

In terms of the North, most anglers are fishing from the Stumps to Deep water point, and early reports from the south suggest anywhere from the harbour up to and including Gaynes/Plummer. 

A variety of flies have worked this week, mainly lures or buzzers with some green in it.   We would expect Buzzers to become the dominant flies over the coming days, especially now as temperatures are rising and in particular on those days with lighter winds.

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