Grafham Water week ending 23 September

3 years ago

Fish 173 (Season 10,176) Returns 84 (2,333) Rod average 2.05 (4.36)

A good effort from our anglers saw an increase in our rod average to 2.0, although there are certainly many who are achieving much better results.

Strong winds made conditions very tough this week, although that didn’t stop anglers catching fish! With the fish beginning to switch on many are catching providing you fish the right areas and keep on the move it will help you locate the feeding stock. Mr Harney gave the bank a go managing a wonderful 16 fish. Some fantastic angling well deserving of plaudits and proving that the rod average does not show the whole picture.

Again many anglers are reporting fish up in the surface layers of water. Washing line coupled with a floating line or midge tip with traditional flies such as muddlers, diawl bachs and hares ears are working, along with the many others using FABs, blobs and boobies for good results. Dries are working well too, particularly in a bit of wave, with the outskirts of Gaynes Cove being a hotspot currently.

The fish are mostly sitting deeper though according to the wealth of information provided from our predator anglers and their superb sonar equipment. These fish have been witnessed coming up for spells to feed before sinking back down. The easterly side of the reservoir is where the large pods of fish are more commonly seen at depths of about 20-30 feet along with the westerly side where fish are seen at around 10-20 feet deep.

Many of the bank anglers are catching fish this week with more and more shoreline to fish every day, but be sensible about your wading depths when in soft clay and silt. Lures are working as well as more traditional flies so make sure you have your lure box for your next visit.

Grafham Water Championship by invitation 22 September

This match was by invitation to the higher placed teams that had just missed out on qualifying for the Anglian Water Airflo International Final (fished 2 & 3 October). A big thank you to all the teams who supported AWAI this year and good luck to those fishing in the final at Rutland next week. Some talented anglers fished at Grafham, in tough conditions, including Alun Williams of Cwm Fly Fishers and Ronnie Gilbert of Menteith Ospreys, both of whom bagged up. The best fish on the day was landed by Tom Cooper, fishing for Airflo Team Costa A, who weighed in a superb Brown of 5lb 11oz. Best bag Alun Williams, Cwm Flyfishers, 19lb 1oz.

1st      Cwm Fly Fishers              23 fish for 47lb 13oz

2nd     Menteith Ospreys            20 fish for 43lb 12oz

3rd      Alba Orvis                        19 fish for 40lb 8oz

4th      Airflo Team Costa A         16 fish for 35lb 5oz

5th      Bewl Chingley Chompers 12 fish for 27lb 9oz

6th      Airflo Team Costa B         13 fish for 26lb 13oz

7th      The Whakapapas             12 fish for 23lb 6oz

8th      Welsh Wizards                10 fish for 20lb 9oz

9th      Orvis Team Rutland         9 fish for 17lb 15oz

10th    Pedader Glas                  7 fish for 14lb 1oz

11th    Greenwell Persauders      6 fish for 13lb 10oz

Fishing Stats

Best Brown: 5lb 11oz taken by Tom Cooper.

Best boat areas
: Hedge End, Pylon Point, Deep Water Point, G marker, open water drifting, Sanctuary Bay, wind lanes and drifting off west bank.

Best bank areas: Deep Water Point, G bank, Hedge End, Hill Farm.

Midweek boat winner:  Mick White.

Fish stocked: 2,500.

Forthcoming events

Predator lure fishing 1-30 September

Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019

BC Hall: 4 October

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