Pitsford Water week ending 23 May

4 months ago

Fish week 1,225 (Season 4,752) Returns 165 (649) Rod average 7.4 (7.3)

Pitsford’s rod average for the week is 7.4. The fishing at Pitsford continues to be some of the best with over 1,200 fish caught for the week, most of which were returned. 

The big fish continue to show with the biggest Brown of the week, a superb 8lb 8oz specimen, being safely returned to the water. 

One boat pair caught and released over 40 fish with their best Brown reported at 7lb 3oz. Another of our regular anglers had a 6lb Brown in his catch of 14 fish. With reports of other anglers with 6lb Browns and boat pairs with 52 fish. One father and son took 15 fish between them with a 5lb Rainbow and another at 4lb 4oz. 

The most productive method is fishing buzzers or nymphs on floating to slow intermediate lines. Lures will work for the fish deeper down but dries are also worth trying when conditions improve.  The Small Half of the water has come to life in the last week and is worth a look while in the Big Half, drifts in Stone Barn, Bog Bay and Brixworth Bay are all productive. A further 1,500 fish have been stocked taking the season total so far to 19,000. 
Best Rainbow: 5lb. 
Best Brown: 8lb 2oz. 
Best boat areas: Small Half, Narrows, Stone Barn, Brixworth Bay. 
Best bank areas: Gravels, Sermans, Northfields. 

Fish stocked: 1,500. 

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