Rutland Water week ending 22 August

11 months ago

Fish week 312 (Season 28,790) Returns 89 (4,535) rod average 3.5

The calmer weather has seen some great sport off the boat. Whilst popper minkies and floating fry are working, several anglers have reported the fish being more curious rather than attacking them. We are all excited about the next few weeks once the fish really start on the fry. 

Washing lines and lures continue to work well in open water on floating lines. Di5 or Di7 lines with snakes, booby minkies and humungus have also worked. Some great sport has been had using these tactics and we are aware of Rainbows up to 5lb and Browns up to 9lb. Areas that have produced fish are along Normanton frontage, Barnhill frontage, Sailing Club, Buoys X,W,V and the aerators. 

Good quality Rainbows continue to be caught in the main basin. Two of our regular anglers had 16 fish up to 4lb in this area and elsewhere other anglers had 17 fish with four or five estimated over 4lb and all of these  were reported as solid, clean fish. 

Closer in and from the bank around the weedbeds, whilst it’s worth trying fry patterns, fish have also been caught using brown or black blobs and fish have also been caught on dries. They are definitely feeding on snails so this may be the reason for them not yet being aggressive when confronted with fry patterns. Bank areas that have produced this week include Old Hall Bay, Sailing Club Bay, May Tree Bank, New Zealand Point and the bay between New Zealand Point and Sailing Club. 

Mark McLeod, one of our rangers, fished with his wife who had never been fishing before. Mark showed her the ropes and she landed 5 lovely fish. Mark wasn’t as fortunate and came away with nothing! 

With September and October fast approaching we are entering a busy time for competitions and the predator season which starts on 1 September. Many days are already fully booked and several more have limited availability. To avoid disappointment please book your boats direct with the fishing lodge by calling 01780 686441. 

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