Rutland Water weeek ending 30 August

1 year ago

Fish 414 (Season 8,013) Returns 107 (1,673) Rod average 3.86 (4.78)

Anglers enjoyed good sport last week despite poor weather preventing boats going out on a couple of days.

The best Brown was returned off the bank last week – a fish around the 5lb mark caught on a fry pattern. Last Thursday was the best day for boat anglers with the main basin providing plenty of action with large groups of Rainbows responding to a variety of methods. Washing line with nymphs through to humungus catching Rainbows in the 2-3lb range in excellent condition. One of our season ticket holders recorded nine fish up to an estimated 5lb using fry patterns.

There have been occasional days when fish have been feeding on fry, However, it’s only a matter of time before they start feeding in earnest. There are plenty of weedbeds stretching out from the shoreline with masses of fry for fish to feed on.

Fishing will benefit from a prolonged spell of settled weather. Fly hatches have been indifferent; but on the more settled days there have been some good numbers coming off (albeit very small), especially in the main basin area. There are also signs of the late season daddy long legs coming off the land adding to the snail, shrimp, corixa, daphnia and fry menu.

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