Rutland Water opens 13 March

2 years ago

Coming soon at Rutland

The new trout season at Rutland Water starts on Friday 13 March. To book boats for the new season please call 01780 686441.

Forthcoming events

Independence Day Trophy (best fish) 1 April

Anglian Water Airflo International – Rutland Heat 27 April

Anglian Water Rudder Match 9 May

Airflo Invitation Match 16-17 May

Bob Church Classic 2 June

Beginners courses:21 & 26 March; 5,11,18,23 & 25 April; 8,15,21 & 31 May; 6,12,18 & 24 June and throughout the season.

Boat handling courses: 27 April, 6,19 & 27 May;17, 22 & 29 June and throughout the season.

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