Grafham Water week ending 9 June

3 years ago

Fish 1,012 (Season 6,534) Returns 177 (1,271) Rod average 5.7 (5.14)

A cracking performance from our anglers this week again sees a good increase in the rod average to a fantastic 5.7.

A mixture of styles or lines continues to work well. Commonly the go to line is an intermediate, though there are many with Di3’s, Di5’s and floating lines which would argue against them! Most anglers will find good fish moving a lure at a fast to medium speed, particularly if it’s black and green or black and silver. Others are having great fun on washing lines with some reporting exciting takes on the point fly too.

Boat fishing is still the most likely to bag up although word has it from the bank that the fish are beginning to move readily along the dam and into some of the shallower weed bays, particularly as the fry are about in numbers in some areas. We recommend keeping mobile, drifting and making sure you do not ignore the mass expanses of open water, particularly on the more windy days. This week it may be worth checking the conditions of the previous day; the wind is swirling and you really want to be in the areas the wind was blowing into previously, unless of course it is completely coloured up.

Many of the dam bank anglers are smiling again, with more overwintered fish coming to the bank than to the boats. Hopefully the increase in sport will continue with an early start boosting your chances. It really is worth targeting the weedy bays as some of the overwintered fish are searching for small fry and shrimp. Spend a while looking before you cast to improve your chances.

Fishing Stats

Best boat areas: Bays and points along the north shore. 80-100 yards off the dam and Valley Creek to the fishing lodge in the evening.

Best bank areas: The dam into clear water or the edge of colour and the jetties.

Mid week boat winner: Martin Brocklebank.

Forthcoming events


Invicta Tuesday Night Boat League

Open to all; boat draw approx. 5.15 with fishing commencing at 5.30pm. The evening concludes at the Wheatsheaf in Perry for refreshments.

EFFA ProAm 20 June

Anglian Water Airflo International Midland Heat 22 June

Anglian Water Airflo International – Southern Final 8 July
Anglian Water Airflo International – Midland Final 22 July

WPC 17&18 August

Anglian Water rudder match 24 August

Beginners courses: 15,23 & 30 June;6,19 & 28 July; 3,9,24 & 30 August and other dates throughout the season.

Boat handling courses: 2 & 24 July; 6 August and other dates throughout the season.

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