Grafham Water week ending 5 September

2 months ago

Rod average 2.7

The recent hot, sunny weather has made fishing more challenging. Those that have ventured out have caught fish but have had to work hard to catch them, typical for this time of year. 

Church Hill Bay on the north shore, where the water is gin clear and absolutely teeming with small fry, has been drawing the fish in closer, giving the bank anglers more sport. The trout are just below the surface and will chase fry imitations, getting them to take though is a challenge. 

The Seat on the south shore has also produced again with fish being taken on the surface. Those that favour fishing dries should catch fish when there is cloud cover but as soon as the sun shines through, the fish go down. 

Bob’s Bits, Big Red and foam daddies are always worth a try with Perch fry, or even blobs, popped across the surface should also attract some attention. 

The Dam is a bit of a conundrum at the moment, fish are being caught, but it’s just very erratic. One experienced dam angler has commented that there is very little evidence of the Killer Shrimp, the water is very high so maybe the rising water has come onto barren land so there is no food for the fish to feed on. Those that can cast a long way have been catching. Early morning and later in the evening are the best times, autumn and into winter always produces fantastic sport from the Dam so it’s only a matter of time. 

Predator fishing 
Wednesday 1 September marked the start of predator fishing at Grafham. We have seen a large number of boats heading out with anglers keen to pursue the specimen Pike, Zander and Perch that Grafham Water holds. Predator fishermen are notoriously cagey about what they catch and where, but reports from those willing to divulge have been very positive and enthusiastic. Pike to 30lb and Zander to 16lb are the best so far that we are aware of. Plenty of smaller Zander, Perch and Pike have fallen victim to the many visitors. It’s also a great opportunity for trout anglers to try a different challenge. 

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