Grafham Water week ending 31 March

3 years ago

Fish 279 (Season 916) Returns 54 (197) Rod average 5.2 (4.65)

Another cracking week’s sport at Grafham Water with the boat anglers recording large numbers of fish being caught between G and D buoys (in front of the Willows) and along the south end of the dam. A damsel nymph on a sink tip or a slow intermediate has accounted for a lot of fish as well as tequila blobs and boobies. Black and green lures also continue to take fish.

Grafham is seeing some very large buzzer hatches and a few trout have been taken on black buzzer but the trout have yet to turn on to them in a big way. Look out for the tide to turn in the coming week once the fish really switch on to them. A washing line with booby or fab on the point with black buzzers up the line or fishing the bung should come into their own.

From the bank the dam has produced fish consistently and  G point along to the Willows continues to fish well. The trout will be closer in during early morning and evening as usual. However, with the water level continuing to rise a lot of the fish have moved out to the old low water mark to feed and a 40 plus or shooting head line may be needed to reach them during the middle of the day.

Fishing stats

Best Rainbow: 4lb 8oz taken by Andy Mortimer.

Best boat areas: G buoy to D buoy in front of the Willows and all along the dam. 

Best bank areas: South end of the dam. G Point and the Willows.

Midweek boat winner: William Presgrave.

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Snowbee Floating Line 4 May

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Invicta Pilgrimage 23 & 24 May

Beginners courses: 6,11,19 & 23 April; 5,19,26 & 31 May and other dates throughout the season.

Boat handling courses: 30 April, 13 & 27 May; 4 & 11 June and other dates throughout the season.

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