Grafham Water week ending 3 October

1 month ago

Fish week 152 Returns 41 Rod average 3.7

The past week at Grafham has seen the return of the shrimp feeders! Many anglers are reporting fish stuffed to the gills with shrimp and this has been backed up by some of the excellent sport on offer. Although the rod average is at a very respectable 3.7 a lot of anglers have been reporting double figure catches from both bank and boat. 

The best spot for a boat is anywhere along the north shore particularly along G Buoy and the Willows, most fish are being taken in a few feet of water so if you can't see the bottom you are probably fishing too deep. Shrimp patterns fished slow or static have accounted for most of the fish but daddies fished just under the surface have also taken their fair share. The Seat has also started to produce some fantastic sport and a group of five anglers took 30 plus fish between them in a morning session, again shrimp patterns or small diawl bachs proved to be the best method on the day. 

Bank fishing as expected is really starting to kick off now and this is down to the abundance of shrimp starting to show. Best spots for bank angling have been the Seat, the Dam and any of the rocky spots along the north shore. The fish are coming right up into the shallows in search of the shrimp so a silent stealthy approach is recommended for best results. Again, the best method would be 2 or 3 shrimp fished static to slow. 

Predator fishing has started to slow a little bit but there are still some quality fish being reported This is highlighted by one angler who had a 26lb Pike and an 11lb Zander on a day ticket. The best spot for predator fishing this week has been the north tower, but the deep basin at the Dam has also produced a few to one of our season ticket holders. With the cool autumn weather and overcast skies now we fully expect the fishing to keep on improving this week and for the rod average to rocket. 

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