Grafham Water week ending 29 September

2 years ago

Fish 297 (Season 12,160) Returns 85 (2,829) Rod average 3.49 (4.29)

Grafham continues to fish well for both trout and predator anglers.

The bank anglers are making the most of the low water conditions which allows anglers to fish without the worry of the back cast catching in vegetation.

Which bank area to fish will be dictated by the prevailing wind – in Southerly or South Westerly winds – the Lodge bank, the Seat, Plummers and the south end of the Dam have all fished well. In Northerly and North Easterly winds – the Willows, G Point, Pylon Point, Deep Water Point have all produced fish and for the evening angler the exposed road at Hill Farm has produced some better fish. If in doubt head for the Dam which has been consistent over the last couple of weeks.

Shrimp patterns, Red Diawl Bachs, Hares Ear and Daddies (the shop window is covered in them) continue to be the most successful flies, but watch out for the better fish turning on to fry patterns as well.

Boat fishing has been concentrated at the Dam end of the water with both Gaynes Cove, across Plummers to the south end of the Dam and G Buoy; and all points along the North shore producing. Again the best areas are dictated by the prevailing wind direction with the low water meaning the breaking waves will create a mud slick on the down wind shore; a good tip is to fish into clean water. There have been a lot of fish out in the middle between B and G buoys.

The best method is the washing line with booby on the point and shrimp, Diawl Bach, Cruncher,  Muskins or Cormorant up the line. As an alternative put a Daddy on the point and fish it wet or a Hares Ear Booby as there are some snail feeders about as well.

Predator fishing continues to be very good with good Pike, Perch and Zander being reported. The North Tower to T Buoy and from outside the nature reserve to Hedge End seem to be the most consistent areas.

On Wednesdays only, we will be opening Grafham’s pontoon at 6.30am for all our anglers who are happy to make an early start. This is available for pre-booked and pre paid boats only (both trout and predator). Please be sure to call or visit the tackle shop well in advance to secure a place as this is proving extremely popular and places are limited. This arrangement is available on consecutive Wednesdays ending on Wednesday 9 October. For more details contact Grafham Water Fishing Lodge on 01480 810531.

Fishing Stats

Mid week boat winner: M Campbell of Over.

Fish stocked: 1,000.

Forthcoming events

B C Hall 3 October

Fry Feeders Match 19 October

Anglian Water Fur & Feather (bank) 24 November

Beginners courses: 6,12 & 27 October; 1 & 9 November; 7 December; 5 January 2020.

Boat handling courses: 22 & 29 October; 5 November.

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