Grafham Water week ending 27th August 2023

7 months ago

Fish killed - 105, Fish returned - 72, Returns - 28, Rod average - 3.8

Fishing at Grafham has been affected by the changeable weather over the last week but still has a respectable rod average of 3.8.

Most consistent boat area has been from G Mark across the Willows (when there is nobody swimming there) and along the dam. Both shrimp and fry patterns are working well with foam backed shrimp and here's ear working for the tiddlers and snakes or hughmongous working for the pullers. The fish are very close in along the Dam wall as they are not being disturbed by bank anglers.

Just a word of caution - in strong Westerlies you will get washed up on the Dam if you get too close before turning for your next drift ( you won't be able to anchor in a strong westerly) so either avoid the dam or turn early. If we get southerlies or northerlies you can drift the length of the dam comfortably.

As ever the boils are also worth a visit with big lures cast across the bubbles and allowed to drift round. On the calmer days the weed beds in the bays along the North shore fish well to small static dries fished over the weed beds or alternatively twitch a floating fry again across the weed beds.

Bank anglers are using similar tactics from the points and round into the bays along the North shore. Again both twiddling small brown stuff or pulling big ugly stuff will work on their day.

There are a lot of 2 to 3 inch fry in the harbour at the moment so I expect the big overwintered trout will find them soon.

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