Grafham Water week ending 26th November 2023

2 months ago

Fish killed & released 64, Returns - 26, Rod average - 2.5


With the weather turning colder the Trout fishing has become hard particularly after a frost. The Fur and Feather is underway today and early reports are of few fish being caught.

The main area continues to be around ‘G’ mark and the Willows especially the Marlow Jetty end. There have been reports of some nice Brown trout being caught off the dam before 9am and at Hedge End.

In general terms if your bank fishing - keep moving don’t wade too deep (you will push the fish out of range) and either fish small and dead slow or chuck a snake or popper fry out. The water is very clear so if there are fish around you can be sure they have seen your fly so keep moving. Boat anglers should do the same. Long slow drifts to cover as much water close in as possible without upsetting the bank anglers.

Most of the fish are coming from the North Shore, still no reports of fish from the south shore however there are usually fish in the south corner of the Dam that can be reached from the shore…..


The Perch are still around the Marlow Jetty ‘G’ Mark and in front of the willows. Alternatively, the pipework on the western side if the boils near the Dam tower usually holds fish as well as the main basin.

There have been some nice Zander caught around the North Tower and from the inlet next to it and as usual no information on the Pike

Additional info:

We recently had an incident at Grafham whereby an angler slipped over on the dam, fortunately he was not seriously hurt. Please be aware the area above the waterline on the dam can often become very slippy, so caution is advised.

In addition here is a recap of our safety rules when fishing the banks on our waters:

When backcasting be aware of your surroundings and do not cast unless you are sure it is clear behind to do so.

Nonslip, felt or studded boots are advised when fishing on slippery, wet surfaces.

Look out for uneven ground, tree roots, algae, or debris.

Do not wade from the dam or in water above thigh height (No fishing permitted from Pitsford, Grafham or Alton dams). Tread carefully when wading and be cautious of hazards under the water. Use a bank stick to identify hazards and soft silt. Wearing a lifejacket is recommended when wading or bank fishing.

If driving on the access tracks stick to the 10mph speed limit, put on your hazard lights, and give way to walkers and cyclists. Always park your vehicle in designated areas.

Online boat booking – We are pleased to announce our online boat booking system is now live!

Please be aware, from November the 13th onwards all boats bookings at Rutland, Grafham, Pitsford and Ravensthorpe will need to be paid for at the point of booking. The easiest and best way to book a boat is online at

We strongly advise creating an account on our website (you will need an email address to do this). If you register an account, this will mean:

a) It will speed up any future boat bookings,

b) you can self-amend your booking up to 2 days before your trip – so a boat booked for Saturday can be self-amended up to Midnight Thursday.

c) staff can book a boat for you in the lodge (if you wanted to pay in cash for example)

d) Season ticket holders can keep tabs on how many fish they have taken for the season

You won’t need an account if you are a ‘walk-in’ and pay on the day without having pre-booked, however please note, from November the 13th we will no longer be able to process split boat payments in the lodge for walk-ins.

If you have any questions, please email our Retail and online manager Neil at:

AW fisheries team

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