Grafham Water week ending 20 September

1 year ago

Fish 618 Returns 129 Rod average 4.8

Grafham fished well again this week with a rod average of nearly 5.

Early in the week there were a lot of fish caught close in at Savages from the boats with the trout coming to foam daddies in either brown or orange. (There is little room here for bank anglers at the moment, but we are hoping to do some bank clearance work here soon.) With a favourable wind fish could be found from the mouth of Savages all the way along Sanctuary and on into the Stumps. With the wind now coming from the north and east you can do the same drift in reverse.

There are also fish showing off the points along the north shore, particularly Hedge End, Pylon and Deep Water Point. Daddies have fished well all week either dry or just sub-surface and tweaked back. A washing line also continues to work the hares ear and red Diawl Bach on the droppers and a daddy or fab on the point. There are some fry feeders about as well, mini snakes and popper fry are picking these better fish up from along the weed beds that are dying back, especially in Savages, Gavnes and the North end of the Dam.

For bank angler’s similar tactics with the north end of the Dam fishing well.

Now that we are getting winds from the north and east we expect good results from G point, Coves, Deep Water, Pylon and Hedge End. There are also some fry feeders moving in the harbour – these are usually susceptible to a size 8 Humungous or a mini snake.

The predator anglers are still to be found in the usual spots at the towers or along the line of the pipe that runs between them – this produced a large number of Perch up to 2½ lb to one angler this week. The Pike and Zander fishing remains an unknown quantity with little information coming in to us.

Fish stocked: 1,000.

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