Grafham Water week ending 20 June 2021

1 year ago

Fish week 52 Returns 23 Rod average 2.2

Anglers like a challenge and that has certainly been the case at Grafham Water this week. With cloudless skies, soaring temperatures and not a ripple on the water the fishing has been very tough. Also in the wake of Perch Mania, which saw the water heavily fished, the fish have scattered and once found are proving finicky. 

The recent heavy rainfall and drop in temperature, along with an increase in wind speed, bode well for conditions improving. It’s only a matter of time before the action picks up. The fish are deeper in the water so book your boat, buy your permit and catch some quality Grafham trout. 

Best boat areas: All points on the north shore.

Best bank areas: The dam, G, the Willows, the Seat.

Forthcoming events 
Tuesday Evening Boat League  please ask at the lodge for more details 

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