Grafham Water week ending 10 October

2 weeks ago

Fish week 269 Returns 63 Rod average 4.2

Despite some unfavourable weather conditions the past week at Grafham has produced some excellent sport from both bank and boat. Many anglers have caught their limit and as expected the most popular method is shrimp patterns fished in the shallows. Many of the fish caught are in excellent over wintered condition with paddle like tails and long silver flanks. 

The best bank spots are the Dam, the Seat and anywhere with some rocky structure for the shrimp to hide. The Harbour arms are also producing fish particularly in the mid-morning and late evenings. A hares ear with a flash of red will prove almost irresistible to trout at this time of year particularly if fished slow to static on a floating line. The fry patterns are also taking fish and as the weather cools a small snake will be just as effective as a shrimp pattern, especially if fishing from the dam or one of the arms. If you are wading out please remember not to go too deep, the general rule is that you must be able to see daylight between your legs whilst wading. 

The best boat spots this week have been anywhere along the north shore, particularly the stretches along G buoy and deep water point. This is backed up by an angler who reported 27 fish to the boat which were all taken on long drifts along the north shore. Again, the best method is inevitably the shrimp pattern fished on a floating line. However, the aerator is still producing fish to those who fish it and a drowned daddy left to swirl about just under the surface will catch fish as will a lure or fry pattern pulled back fast. When fishing from a boat please remember to keep 50 metres clear of any bank anglers. 

Predator returns have been pretty scarce this week but many anglers have been returning on a daily basis which tells us it’s still producing fish. Furthermore one of our season ticket holders has told us he had his best day of the season this week but didn’t disclose exactly what he had caught. Please note that all boats are booked for the Fry Bashers match on Saturday 16 October. 

Best Rainbow: 5lb 14oz 

Best Brown: 4lb 3oz 

Forthcoming events 
Fry Bashers 16 October (by invitation) 
Fur & Feather (bank) 28 November 01480 810531 

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