Pitsford Water Park Trout Fishing

Please read the fishing rules below.

Pitsford Water is very popular among fly fishing anglers. It’s a tranquil scene, with its clear waters stocking rainbow and brown trout and attracting anglers of all abilities and ages.

What you need to know

Check out some facts and need-to-know information about trout fishing at Pitsford Water:

  • The trout fishing season at Pitsford Water runs from 24 February 2024 - 31 January 2025
  • Fly fishing can take place from both bank and boat
  • A variety of day ticket options are available, from kill tickets to C&R, covering all ages and abilities
  • Fishing permits are available from the tackle shop as well as the vendor hut just outside
  • Accompanied children can fish for free within the rules and limits of the permit. Age restrictions apply to boat fishing
  • Need tackle? Stock up at the tackle shop, which can be found in the fishing lodge
  • We hold multiple fishing competitions every year across our waters, please click the following link to see 2023's competition calendar https://anglianwaterparks.co.uk/fishing/competitions

Fishing boat availability

View our calendars below for fishing boat availability.

Book a Boat & Permit

Book a day boat for fishing with up to three anglers.

Hire a Boat
Buy a Bank Ticket

Buy a day ticket

Buy a Ticket
Buy a Season Ticket

Hire a boat after 6pm to watch the sun go down (up to 3 anglers).

Evening boats can only be hired on the day.

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Weekly Rod Average
Monthly Rod Average

Fishing Prices 2023

Permit Type
Eight fish Day permit - Eight fish plus catch and release at Pitsford Water
Sporting permit - One fish limit - barbless flies only
Four Fish Day permit - Four fish limit plus catch and release at Pitsford Water. 
Senior citizen - Six fish limit plus catch & release at Pitsford Water
Day boat
Half day boat (before or after 2pm)
Single-manned day boat
Single-manned half day boat (before or after 2pm)
Sunset boat (after 6pm)
Winter boat hire (Single-manned) available from 1 November
£22 (£15)
Wheelyboat (Blue Badge holders only)
Senior citizen boat hire every Tuesday throughout the season & Thursday throughout July & August (Single-manned)
£21 (£15)
Fishing rules

Fishing rules for our waters

Anglian Water Stocking Policy 2023

Anglian Water Stocking Policy 2023

Season Permits 2023

Boat Limit
Bank Limit
Ravo Day Limit
Ravo Days/Week
Season Limit
Price (£ inc VAT)
1 Gold (ex Premium Season
8 + C&R
8 + C&R
2 + C&R
2 Silver (ex Standard Season)
8 + C&R
6 + C&R
2 + C&R
3 Bronze (ex Economy Plus Season)
4 + C&R
4 + C&R
1 + C&R
4 Sporting (ex Economy Season)
1 + C&R
1 + C&R
1 + C&R
5 Starter Season
1 + C&R
1 + C&R
1 + C&R



1–4. Fishery day limit plus catch & release. Valid from opening dates to 31 January.

3. Valid for competition fishing.

4. Pleasure fishing ticket only (not permitted to be used with fishing competitions).

. Maximum 2 seasons following AWS course. No junior reduction. Valid 8 months pro rata


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