Pitsford Water Park Trout Fishing

Pitsford Water is very popular among fly fishing anglers. It’s a tranquil scene, with its clear waters stocking rainbow and brown trout and attracting anglers of all abilities and ages.

Will I need a permit?

Season tickets are available from our fishing lodge while day tickets can be purchased form either the lodge or the vendor hut. If you want to bring the children, there’s no extra charge. They just need to fulfil our boating age requirements and follow the same rules as you.

To book call us on: 01604 781350.


What if I’m a beginner?

Beginners are more than welcome at Pitsford and our tackle shop will kit you out nicely. Ask the team to show you the Safe Start DVD and learn how to get out on the water safely. Or watch the video now below.

We run intro courses throughout the year, covering tackle, technique, safety and boat handling, and our qualified instructors will really develop your confidence. Just click here to find out more.

Fishing Prices 2018

Permit Type
Day permit - Eight fish plus catch and release at Pitsford Water
Sporting permit - One fish limit - barbless flies only
Half day - Four fish limit plus catch and release at Pitsford Water. Bank to noon, boat before or after 2pm. Valid all day from 1 November
Senior citizen - Six fish limit plus catch & release at Pitsford Water
Summer sunset - one fish plus catch & release
Day boat, Pitsford Water
Half day boat (morning - until 2pm or afternoon from 1pm)
Single-manned day boat
Single-manned half day boat
Sunset boat (after 6pm)
Winter boat hire (Single-manned)
£19 (£14)
Senior citizen boat hire every Tuesday throughout the season (Single-manned)
£20 (£14)

Hooked! Fishing Guide

Each spring we publish Hooked!, an annual guide to everything you’ll ever need to know about trout fishing.

Email fishing@anglianwater.co.uk to request a copy, pick one up at any of our fishing lodges. 

Season Permits

Boat Limit
Bank Limit
Ravo Day Limit
Ravo Days/Week
Season Limit
Price (£ inc VAT)
1 Gold Season
8 + C&R
8 + C&R
2 + C&R
2 Silver Season
6 + C&R
6 + C&R
2 + C&R
3 Bronze Season
5 + C&R
5 + C&R
1 + C&R
4 Starter Season
2 + C&R
2 + C&R
1 + C&R



1–3. Fishery day limit plus catch & release. Valid from opening dates to 31 January

4 . Maximum 2 seasons following AWS course. No junior reduction. Valid 8 months pro rata


Competition Calendar for 2018

The Competition Calendar for 2018

Fishing rules

Fishing rules for our waters