Pitsford Water Week ending 20 June

1 year ago

Fish week 380 (Season 6,649) Returns 80 (960) Rod average 4.75 (6.9)

The weather has taken its toll on the fishing this week with bank anglers struggling and the boat anglers only catching on quite specific methods. The key seems to be fishing the flies at particular depths. 

If you are in the main basin then Di5’s with tubes, snakes or large fry patterns are working. If you fish in the Small Half or Narrows then static buzzers up to 15 feet deep are taking good fish. The best method from the bank has been floating lines and damsel nymphs, shrimp and foam daddies. Once again there have been some cracking fish coming to the net. 

The best Rainbow of the week weighed 7lb and was caught and released, with the same angler also returning a Brown estimated at 7lb. 

The best Brown of the week (caught and safely returned) was estimated at around 10lb. Another good sized Brown estimated at 7lb plus was also safely returned. 

With the weather cooling off expect the fishing to improve. There are masses of pin fry across the lake and damsels, shrimp and snails in the stomach contents of fish. The water remains gin clear and at a good, high level. 

Best Rainbow: 7lb. 

Best Brown: Estimated at 10lb plus. 

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