10 Fun Camping Games for Families


Heading on a camping holiday? When it comes to fun, easy camping games for families of all ages, rain or shine, we have got you covered.

Here are our 10 favourite games that all of the family will enjoy, providing you with hours of fun and laughter.

1.Torch Tag

Think of hide and seek combined with the traditional game of tag, but played in the evenings when it is slightly darker. The person nominated to be 'It' uses the torch to tag the other players. Once tagged, that player is eliminated from the game.


The game begins with the rest of the players hiding whilst the nominated 'It' person counts. You can play the game in a few different ways - the 'It' person can find all of the hidden players before choosing who 'It' is for the next round. Or, the first player to be tagged becomes 'It' immediately and so on.

Be sure to limit the playing space if the area becomes too dark, especially when playing with younger children.

2. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Camping with kids and keeping them busy and amused can be difficult. This game can be enjoyed by all members of the family and you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want. Pair up, play in teams or go head to head individually.


Before you arrive at your camping destination, create a list of things, or multiple lists for multiple players. A great idea is to make the scavenger hunt sense-orientated and encourage players look for things using their sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.

The first person or group to tick everything off of their list and return back to base, wins!

3. Water Gun Races

All you will need for this game are some water guns and a selection of paper or plastic cups.


Line the empty cups along the edge of a picnic table, fill the water guns with some water and go! Aim the water at the cups until they fall off the table. Play together and see who can knock the most cups off, or take it in turns to see who knock off all of the cups in the quickest time.

4. Water Relay

Water relay is perfect for a hot day and best of all, each player will only need a drinking cup to play.


Players should stand in a line and the player at the front will need a full cup of water - the rest of the cups will be empty. The person at the front of the line needs to pour their cup of water over their head and into the next person's cup - without turning or looking! The person next in line should try to catch as much water as they can. Continue until the last person has caught the water in their cup, if there is any left! They then need to race to the front of the line to start over - fill the cup up if required.

5. Sardines

Sardines is played just like hide and seek, but in reverse!


One person hides and the rest of the team search for the hidden person. Whenever a person finds the hidden person, they need to quietly join them in their hiding spot. Continue until everybody has joined the hidden player and the group starts to look like a bunch of sardines. The last person to join the group, is the next person to hide.

6. Capture The Flag

Divide the group into two teams and make each team identifiable with armbands or bandanas. Each team needs to set up a jail zone at opposite ends of the playing area. They must also set up a hiding spot for their flag.


The aim of the game is to intrude the other team's area and capture their flag. A flag is only officially captured after it has been returned to the captor's jail. Prisoners are taken by having their armband/bandana removed by an opponent and taken to the captor's jail. Prisoners can only be released from jail when a member of their team runs through the jail and can then be escorted to a central spot near the end of their team area where they are re-issued with their armband/bandana.

The game continues until a flag is captured or the allocated time is up.

7. Charades

Charades is the perfect game to play on a rainy day, outside in the sunshine or cosied up by the fire in the evening.

Already loved by millions, Charades is a game of pantomimes. Each team has to act out their chosen phrase without speaking and their team members must guess the phrase before the time runs out.


To get your charades phrases, use an online generator or write them out on paper and then divide yourselves into two teams. Players from one team will choose the charade that the other team will act out - this can be anything from films, songs, books, food or even make them camping related. The teammates have 3 minutes to guess the correct answer. You can choose to play to a time limit or you can play until a team reaches a certain score.

Remember to keep score along the way. The team with the most amount of points, wins!

8. The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet game can be played outside, indoors, on a dog walk, in the car and even on a hike.


The aim of this game is to point out objects or signs beginning with each letter of the alphabet, going from A-Z.

The first one to Z, wins!

To make it more difficult, create a topic for the objects and signs to be based around, for example; camping essentials, food, nature.

9. Classic Card Games

It can be difficult keeping everybody entertained, especially if the weather isn't great. Playing classic card games can provide you with hours of fun.


Use this time to teach your children some classic card games and then go head to head. Here are some of our favourite card games for all ages.

  • Crazy Eights

  • Snap

  • Rummy

  • Take Two

  • Go Fish

  • Pig

10. Wink Murder

A fun game that can get everyone involved.


Place enough scraps of paper in a bowl for everybody playing. Make sure that one piece of paper has the letter D on it, and another has the letter M on it. Leave the rest blank.

The person who picks out the D is the detective and the person who picks the M is the murderer. The detective will be trying to figure out who the murderer is, while the murderer is winking at the other players without the detective noticing who did the winking. Once players have been winked at, they must fall to the floor for all to see.

The game ends when the detective figures out who the murderer is, or when only the detective is left standing.

You can have endless amounts of fun on a camping trip and whether it rains or shines, there are many games and activities for everyone to get involved in.


Put these games into practise and book your family camping trip now via our online booking form.

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