Rutland Trout Fishing

Our internationally recognised trout water offers a fantastic fishing experience for everyone, from experienced anglers to beginners.

You can fish Rutland on day tickets or a season ticket depending on what suits you 

What you need to know…

Check out some facts and need-to-know information about trout fishing at Rutland Water:

  • The trout fishing season at Rutland Water runs from 9th March  to 31st January.
  • Fly fishing can take place from both Bank and boat.
  • A variety of day ticket options are available, from kill tickets to c&r, covering all ages and abilities.    
  • Fishing permits are available from tackle shops as well as vendor huts at Normanton car park and next to the RockBlok at Whitwell car park.
  • Accompanied children may fish for free within the rules and limits of the permit. Age restrictions apply to boat fishing.
  • Need tackle? Stock up at the tackle shop, you’ll also find the Waterfront Café above the lodge if you are in need of refreshment.
Rutland Water Fishing Rules

Rules for boat, bank, catch and release and pike fishing on Anglian Water's trout waters.

Rutland Water Angling Restrictions

Map identifying winter restrictions in place until 1 April. Neither boat nor bank anglers may fish black hatched areas. Bank anglers are also not permitted on banks marked with a heavy black line.

Fishing Prices 2018

Permit Type
Day permit - Eight fish plus catch and release
Sporting permit - One fish limit - barbless flies only
Half day - Four fish limit plus catch and release. Bank to noon, boat before or after 2pm. Valid all day from 1st November to 31st January
Senior citizen - Six fish limit plus catch & release
Summer sunset - one fish plus catch & release
£11 (boat only)
Day boat
Half day boat (morning - until 2pm or afternoon from 1pm)
Single-manned day boat
Single-manned half day boat
Sunset boat (after 6pm)
Winter boat hire (Single-manned)
£19 (£14)
Senior citizen boat hire every Tuesday throughout the season (Single-manned)
£20 (£14)

Learn to fish…

If you are new to fishing we offer short courses and tickets designed just for beginners, while our Safe Start DVD explains how to stay safe during your time on the water.

And if you want to dedicate some serious time to honing your skills, why not book a short break holiday?

Test yourself in competition…

We regularly host national and international fly fishing competitions which provide a fantastic opportunity to test your knowledge and skills. Non-competitors are invited to watch the excitement of the weigh-in (usually around 18:00) at the fishing lodge.

If competition isn’t your thing, don’t worry; there are still plenty of places you can fish in peace and quiet even during competitions.

2018 Competition

The 2018 Fishing Competition Calendar

Hooked! fishing guide…

Our annual guide is published and circulated within subscription copies of the April edition of Trout Fisherman, Total Flyfisher and Fly Fishing and Fly Tying. Copies are also available at our fishing lodges or by emailing

Season Permits

Boat Limit
Bank Limit
Ravo Day Limit
Ravo Days/Week
Season Limit
Price (£ inc VAT)
1 Gold Season
8 + C&R
8 + C&R
2 + C&R
2 Silver Season
6 + C&R
6 + C&R
2 + C&R
3 Bronze Season
5 + C&R
5 + C&R
1 + C&R
4 Starter Season
2 + C&R
2 + C&R
1 + C&R



1–3. Fishery day limit plus catch & release. Valid from opening dates to 31 January

4 . Maximum 2 seasons following AWS course. No junior reduction. Valid 8 months pro rata