Grafham Water Fishing Report - Week ending 8 April

7 months ago

Fish 340 (season 1,229) Returns 54 (280) Rod average 6.2(4.4)

Another fantastic week of fishing at Grafham, with the vast majority of methods working, sees the rod average holding at 6.2. The tail end of the week has seen a huge increase in captures, with plenty of over wintered fish and huge bag numbers to boot!

The fish of the week fell to Mr O’Connor, a whopping rainbow of 4lb 7oz landed in open water on the drift, proving that the fish are well spread across the reservoir. The biggest brownie this week was landed by Mr Bharucias, a lovely fish weighing in at 3lb 8oz.

Anglers are reporting fish on the move throughout the day, with many catching on lures in the depths and plenty achieving great results on floating lines and others fishing midge tips and long leaders. The fish are still feeding heavily on the daphnia, though black and green buzzer is also a common food item and not to forget the shrimp, particularly in front of the Willows and Marlow stones.

As previously mentioned, plenty of over wintered fish are showing again, with 3lb and 4lb fish appearing regularly from most areas along the north shore line and out into the bowl and the deep water in front of the dam.

Again boat fishing seems to be the best way of catching your bag with many fishing di3s to di5s with the lure, accompanied by cats whiskers, cat boobies, blobs and Fabs.

Others have truly got stuck into the buzzer fishing, fishing midge tips and floating lines with long leaders. The fish have been up and down throughout the day with many starting deep and coming up as the day continues, with last light the fish have been right up in the surface layers. The south shore has been producing fish, though more steady than the north, though the quality and size is better. The best areas though have been the mouth of Savages, Sanctuary Bay, the Stumps, Pig Bay and Church Bay.

The banks are certainly improving with many catching fish throughout the day on a mixture of methods. Most are fishing the lure on intermediate and di3s with the sport better earlier or later in the day. The south end of the dam has been producing good fish along with the Bowl and the Willows, whilst others are doing well along the stumps and into Pig Bay. The Harbour Arms and Marlow arm are producing fish as well, due to having that little bit of extra reach on the cast.

Weekly Stats

Best Rainbow                            4lb 7oz taken by Mr O’Connor

Best Brown                                3lb 12oz taken by Mr G Bharucias

Best Boat Aareas                     North Shore Bays, The Bowl, Willows, Pig Bay, Hill Farm, Church Bay, Rainbow Point & Savages

Best Bank Areas                       North Shore, Pylon, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, Pig Bay, South Dam & The Willows

Best Methods                            See report

Mid week Boat Winner             Calum Murray of Banham

Competition news

Anglian Water Rudder Match - 7 April

Teams performed well with some great captures and some large specimens coming to the scales. All this in spite of windy conditions which made it a very tough day. 16 anglers caught 89 fish for over 199lb for a very respectable rod average of 5.56. The top three rods were as follows:

          1st       Mr Lehanne and Mr Castledine        16 fish for 37lb 10oz

          2nd      Mr O’Connor and Mr Bonnor             16 fish for 36lb 8oz

          3rd      Mr Bartram and Mr Bradshaw            16 fish for 35lb 14oz

Mr O’Connor weighed in the heaviest fish at 4lb 7oz.


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