Grafham Water Fishing Report - Week ending 1 April

7 months ago

Fish 282 (season 889) Returns 45 (226) Rod average 6.3(3.93)

Overcast conditions have heralded a huge increase in the sport at Grafham.  Many anglers are landing overwintered fish on a mixture of methods throughout the day, ending the session with up to 25 fish! This week the rod average has increased to 6.3.

Again it’s been a quality week’s fishing at Grafham with lots of fish being caught and some decent overwintered fish amongst them. The fish have been feeding on Daphnia, shrimp and black buzzer, although fish are also falling to cat’s whiskers, minkies and damsels.

Many of the anglers have been producing cracking results – the best rainbow was a huge 5lb specimen taken by Barry Tayler. The biggest fish of the week fell to Andy Gumm, a cracking specimen Brown of 5lb 8oz.

Other highlights of the week included one angler who travelled all the way from the USA. Marcus, from California, visited us this week for the first time and produced a great bag of fish including a 3lb 12oz rainbow along with another 11 fish. Others fishing well include Mr Lucas, who had a fantastic boat session landing 17 fish on buzzer off the Stumps. Also Neil Walker managed 10 on his boat trip this week.  Not forgetting the efforts of Mr Lawrence with a huge 23 fish haul to the boat and Mr Curd with 19 to the boat including a 4lb rainbow. Mr Shailes also landed 14 fish on his trip whilst fishing damsels, well done to you.

Again boat fishing seems to be the best way of catching your bag with many of the fish just out of reach of the bank angler. You will also start to find fish working along the edge of the coloured water, into the clearer areas over the coming days, particularly in sanctuary bay, the stumps and pig bay. This week anglers have used a variety of methods with many using floating lines and midge tips, accompanied by teams of buzzer and diawl bachs. The fish are being regularly reported at surface to 6ft in depth with the main food item being daphnia.

Bank fishing is certainly tougher than boat fishing although anglers are having luck first and last thing including the sporadic fish during the day. The fish are sitting just out of casting range so fishing the north shore points, Marlow arm or the harbour arms may be your best bet for a few extra fish. The quieter areas of the reservoir will also fish better, including the seat, sludge bank, willows and sanctuary bay. Many of the bank anglers are catching on nymphs, while others are still catching on shrimp, damsels and a selection of lures.

Weekly Stats

Best Rainbow                        Barry Tayler 5lb.

Best Brown                            Andy Gumm 5lb 8oz.

Best Boat Areas                   North Shore Bays, South Dam, North Dam, Willows, Plummers & Hll Farm.

Best Bank Areas                  North Shore, Pylon, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, Pig Bay, & Plummers

Best Methods                       See report

Mid Week Boat Winner       Mr Copping.

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