Rutland Water Week Ending 9th June 2024

1 month ago



Rod Average - 3.0

Rutland remains in good form with top of the water sport providing exciting sport. 

Dries in the form of CDC's and Bob's Bits have been used extensively during the week arguably out fishing washing line and straight lining set ups. When it comes to fishing dries it has been important to drop to smaller flies, size 14s are certainly making a difference to the confidence of the takes and also the diameter of leader.

The more delicate presentation is applicable to both the boat and bank angler with another key point being don't be put off if fish aren't visibly moving. The fish remain high in the water but as we move through the season aren't as visible, perhaps due to the buzzers tailing off as to be expected? 

The hotspot for the week for numbers of fish has again been Church Bay, it is incredible how it keeps producing as it has from the start of the season! In terms of areas - Barnsdale, Whitwell frontage, Stocky bay, Normanton Bank, Church Bay, Sailing Club Bay, New Zealand point, Manton Bay and Hideaway have all featured in returns. This shows what a fantastic spread of fish there is around the reservoir.

Snail and Shrimp are firmly on the menu with reports of fish 'chasing' in some locations, more than likely this years pinfry being responsible. These are now a reasonable size and can be imitated with diawl bach, crunches, pearly PTN for example. It has also been noticeable that some boats have taken fish further off the bank than has been the norm this season with some even catching near to the aerators in the main basin. 

Sunday saw the 'FA Cup' of fly fishing the Bob Church Classic held. It was a fantastic competition with a great atmosphere and plenty of sport on offer. Many anglers reporting having plenty of chances, pulls, fish lost in play. Congratulations to Iain Barr whos 15 fish for 43lb1oz put his name on the trophy for the 7th time! Well done to all the competitors who took part. 

Prospects for the week ahead look like more of the same, with pin fry feeders expected to make more of an appearance as we move through June. 2000 rainbows have been stocked with more stockings scheduled in June.

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