Rutland Water week ending 8 September

2 years ago

Fish 688 (Season 26,995) Returns 382 (5,808) Rod average 1.8 (4.64)

Boat anglers are enjoying the best of the sport. Frustratingly hook ups are low, considering the amount of fish that are following flies. Anglers who have caught fish mentioned that when spooning the fish there is very little inside stomach contents, despite the huge level of food including shrimp, fry, snails, and daphnia available. A lot of these fish are out in the open, deeper water. It’s well worth boat anglers trying drifts/anchoring along the shoreline for fry feeding fish. Some of the fry are now well in excess of 3 inches.

Bank anglers are finding that sport is slowly improving and it’s encouraging to see the number of fish increasing off Ernies Point, Old Hall, Stocky Bay and Carrot Creek. With fish of 3-4lb being caught including some Browns.

Fry patterns, minkies and floating lines are well worth using with an abundance of fry to feed on.

Small dries and nymphs are worth a try for the shrimp and snail feeders. And an early morning start might be a good option.

The nights are drawing in rapidly with lower water temperatures. The water level is very high for the time of year and only a few feet below its maximum level. We are now seeing fry showing in many areas in exceptional numbers.

Lure fishing for pike, zander and perch only at Rutland commenced on 1 September (continues to 30 September).

Please book boats in advance as demand is high throughout September, particularly 13-15 inclusive.

Fishing Stats

Best methods: Bank – fry, dries and nymph patterns.
                         Boat -  as for bank but include various sinking lines (intermediate working well with blobs, cormorants etc.)

Best boat areas: Middle of  the south arm, fishing lodge to Church Bay, Normanton, top of the north arm.

Best bank areas: Sailing Club, Carrot Creek to Armley Wood, Normanton.

Mid week boat winner: Doug McNicoll of Oakham.

Water temperature: 19 Celsius at 1 metre; 18 Celsius at 3 and 6 metres.

Forthcoming events

Anglian Water Rudder Match 14 September.

WaterAid competition 19 September

Anglian Water Airflo International Final 7-9 October

Anglian Water Autumn Pairs Rudder & non rudder 12 October
Beginners courses: 14,22 & 24 September; 4,13,18 & 26 October and throughout the season.

Boat handling courses: 16,21 & 30 October and throughout the season.

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