Rutland Water Week Ending 30th June 2024

1 week ago



Rod Average - 5.0

Last weeks hot weather didn't stop the sport on offer here at Rutland. As to be expected the famous boils in the main basin provided anglers with some great sport on those baking hot days.

Fishing 'the boils' is often decried by many but when conditions are tough and water temperatures increase they can be the saviour for some sport. Hard fighting rainbows taking advantage of the extra oxygen the aerators provide can often be found in abundance. A misconception we often hear is that fishing the boils is easy, as with any day on the water tactics have to be refined and adapted multiple times during the day to remain consistent. 

It's not just the boils that have featured this week though with Sykes Lane a popular area for both bank and boat anglers. Washing line tactics with small FAB's and Hares ear has accounted for good numbers of fish. Dries are still playing their part, although conditions are more important now the sun is more intense with some cloud cover making all the difference. More reports of fish turning their attentions to the plentiful pin fry in the margins which are now of a size that can be effectively replicated, a mini suspender minkie may well be worth a swim in the coming days. 

With cooler temperatures forecast for the week sport should be consistent, with some cloud cover bringing dries into play once again. Lax Hill, Manton Bay and cattle trough have all showed form over the last week. Interestingly some fish have been feeding on corixa, this is great to see as there has been a seemingly notable absence of corixa in the past couple of seasons. 

Best areas for the bank angler have been Sykes Lane, Sailing Club Bay and New Zealand Point. 

Best areas for the boat anglers have been the boils, Sykes Lane, Normanton Bank, Manton Bay, Lax Hill and Cattle trough. 


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