Rutland Water week ending 29 September

2 years ago

Fish 254 (Season 28,041) Returns 89 (6,207) Rod average 2.85 (4.51)

Following last weekend’s drastic improvement in conditions, the trout have responded well and we have seen some excellent sport this week. Reports of big Browns are still coming in steadily, many between the 3-6lb mark. Ian Robinson has taken the best recorded Brown of the week with a lump tipping the scales at 8lb 13oz.

Many anglers have still been targeting the weed beds down the south arm, particularly between Gibbets Gorse and New Zealand Point, where good numbers of quality Rainbows have been coming out for the past few weeks.

Season ticket holder Mick Connor has been out several times this week, making the most of the exciting sport, with consistent catches on floating fry and suspender minkies. On Saturday Mick and boat partner Colin Best, braved the high winds and anchored up off the weed beds towards New Zealand Point. They brought seven superb Rainbows back to the lodge, weighing up to 3¾lb, all of with full tails and even fuller bellies – absolutely stuffed with snails.

The most notable change in the last week is the appearance of large numbers of fish in the open water. These shoals have been residing in 30 plus feet of water for most of the summer, until the upper layers became cool enough to encourage them to more accessible depths.

Rudder anglers have been the first to lock on to these fish, using Di5 lines when the wind is up, and Di3’s in a more gentle breeze. Leicestershire angler Roland McKendrick continued his good form from last week with a lovely bag of Rainbows from several different areas of the South Arm and the Main Basin.

Local guides Rob Waddington and Mick Brooksby went out with their clients on Saturday and also had good sport on the rudder, finding well mended fish in the South Arm and out in front of the lodge.

The predator fishing has been a bit of a mixed bag this week. A few anglers finding huge shoals of hard feeding Zander have had astonishing catches, with reports of 100 plus fish to the boat. However, others have struggled to find these shoals and have been working very hard to get a dozen fish to the boat.

Two anglers went out on Thursday targeting Perch, and although the majority they caught were smaller than the lures they were using, they managed to come back with smiles on their faces after one landed a solid Perch just under 3lb; while his boat partner had one in the region of 3½lb. As we all know the Pike anglers are a secretive bunch, however, throughout the week we have heard of anglers having multiple catches of mid double fish from the bottom of both arms and near the Sailing Club.

Fishing Stats

Best Brown: 8lb 13oz taken by Ian Robinson.

Mid week boat winner: Alan Musgrove of Royston.

Forthcoming events

Anglian Water Airflo International Final 7-9 October

Anglian Water Autumn Pairs Rudder & non rudder 12 October

Fry Feeders Match 20 October.

George Moore Memorial Trophy (rudder) 26 October

Anglian Water Rudder Match 16 November

Anglian Water Fur & Feather (bank) 1 December

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Boat handling courses: 16,21 & 30 October; 4 November.

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