Rutland Water Week Ending 27th August 2023

7 months ago

Fish Stocked 2000 (55,383) Rod avg 2.34 (6.97)

Very good reports coming in, Boats have reported up to 20 fish caught in a day, (Bank holiday Monday) That are being caught on a variety of methods with anything from floating lines & fry patterns, Suspender/Popper minkies etc also reports of fish on dries as well around the many weed beds. Surface fishing can be/ is a very exciting visual way of fishing, witnessing the take, however it can be also, frustrating as on days where they follow and "Nipping" at your fly all the way back to the boat, before turning away at the last moment!.

Other anglers though have used various sinking lines, Di-3 to Di-7 on the mixture of lures, snakes, tubes, blob's, boobies, etc to good effect, either fished Loch style, or on the rudder..

Bank anglers are finding fish off the weed beds at Sykes Lane, Normanton, the end of the peninsula, etc, one or two fish have come off in the weed, So suggest using a single fly to avoid this happening.

Fish are in tremendous condition, and fighting very hard, with many anglers experencing line+backing strripping accounts at the moment, So be prepared to step up your leader strength to avoid being broken.

Size wise there are very good numbers of 3-4llb plus Rainbows showing, with one or two in the 5-6lb bracket also being reported, Browns, fish to 6lb were estimated before being returned.

Fish feeding on this year's plentiful supply of Fry, keep a look out for bird activity giving you the idea of where the concentrations of the fry are.

Other items are Snails, large and small, Plus Shrimp,One angler reported that two grown on fish were "Stuffed" on the Demon shrimp whilst bank fishing off Sykes lane.



Very good, with fry feeding occurring on a regular basis, plentiful supplies of shrimp and snails available, small, but good numbers of buzzers occurring at the moment, also lets hope there will be  a plentiful supply of "Daddies" about in the next few weeks.


Fish Stocking,

Approximately 11,000 more rainbows will be going in up to the end of September 


Boat competition dates for your diary.

Saturday September 17th Rudder comp.

Saturday October 21st the Autumn pairs, as usual there are two sections in this competition, Rudder or Non Rudder, please state which section you want to fish in when making your booking please  



Can anglers please  remember to submit their catch returns on a regular basis, 

Thank you 

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