Rutland Water week ending 20 May

4 months ago

Fish 1,424 (season 14,779) Returns 351 (2,440) Rod average 4.05 (6.05)

The timely arrival of good weather and some excellent buzzer hatches has been fantastic for everyone this week. The Tuesday Night Boat League is now in full swing; members of RWFF held a fantastic bank match for the John Wadham Trophy on Friday evening and this weekend the two day Airflo Invitational match capitalised on Rutland’s Buzzer bonanza. Away from the match headlines plenty of good sized fish have been landed including a 5lb 5oz Rainbow for Neil Atkins, Anglian Water retail team leader.

Competition news

Tuesday Night Boat league

Week two was well supported with 17 anglers fishing.

1st Richard Cooper
2nd Keith Jones
3rd Adi Humphries

League standings
1st Keith Jones 22 points
2nd Richard Cooper 13 points
3rd Geoff Wanless 12 points

RWFF John Wadham Trophy Friday 18 May
Twenty anglers fished this friendly evening bank match in fine calm, sunny weather. This was one of the best evenings in the history of the event. There were lots of fish moving and plenty of pulls for everybody. Fish were caught from all quarters of the reservoir. Two days prior to the event, the bank fishing suddenly improved dramatically with fish seen rising in many places, especially in the evenings. This was also the commencement of the hatch of the larger buzzers and the clearance of the brown algae. There was a good buzzer hatch and most of the fish were caught on these imitations.

The event is fished to a 5 fish limit plus catch and release.

The winner was Dan Perks who caught five fish for 12lb 2oz including two three pounders from the Green Bank.

Whitwell Creek was also very productive with Jake Waterman catching twelve fish from here. Steve Ottridge also caught fish here to achieve runner-up and best fish.

RWFF Club Chairman, Chris Evans, thanked Peter de Kremer and John Wadham for organising the match and Jake Waterman for writing up the results and – of course, catching his twelve fish. The match was followed by a fish and chip supper delivered by Sid’s Chippy.

Airflo Invitational 20 & 21 May 2018
Rutland Water hosted a fantastic weekend of competition angling with 21 teams competing for the Airflo Invitational trophy as well as a host of cash and tackle prizes courtesy of Airflo. Anglers fished to a 3 fish kill and 9 fish c&r with time bonus. Despite bright conditions and very light winds over 2,330 fish were caught with a daily rod average of around 9.

Although the biggest weighed fish tipped the scales at 7lb 2oz, a lovely Brown caught by Nick Long, anglers reported fish up to 9lb being returned whilst fishing catch and release. Another notable capture was Phil Thompson’s 6lb 2oz Rainbow, which helped him to top rod on day one. This fine Rainbow was the best so far this season at Rutland Water. Campbell Morgan claimed top rod on day two and biggest fish with a 5lb 14oz Brown.

Congratulations to the winners FNF Falcons who achieved a consistent performance across the weekend. The top ten teams were

1st  FNF Falcons 129 fish for 287lb 7 4/16oz

2nd  Iain Barr Costa 131 fish for 283lb 1 4/16oz

3rd Flash Attach Res Dogs 130 fish for 281lb 9 12/16oz

4th Welsh Hawks 128 fish for 281lb 2/16oz

5th Change FF 124 fish for 263lb 13 12/16oz

6th  Team Airflo 120 fish for 260lb 14/16oz

7th FNF Nymphamaniacs 117 fish for 255lb 13 10/16oz

8th Elinor 120 fish for 252lb 10 6/16oz

9th Fish Hawks A 118 fish for 252lb 6 12/16oz

10th Northern Drifters 115 fish for 247lb 15 4/16oz

Weekly Stats

Best Rainbow: 6lb 2oz taken by Phil Thompson during the Airflo Invitational

Best Brown:
7lb 2oz taken by Nick Long during the Airflo Invitational.

Best boat areas: The main basin, bottom of the South Arm, Green Bank, Hideaway Bay, Yellowstone, Whitwell front.

Best bank areas: Normanton, Sykes Lane, the Dam.

est methods: Bank floating lines with buzzers/dries, Boat as for bank but include the bung, midge tip and intermediate lines with small lures, blobs etc.

Mid week boat winner: Mr R Varley.

Fish stocked: 2,000.

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