Rutland Water week ending 19 June 2022

1 month ago

Fish week 774 (season total 16331), Returns 163 (2558) Rod average 4.74 

Overall a good week! The hot weather put a few people off coming, but things cooled down dramatically on Saturday with heavy persistent rain.

Boat Anglers reported fish in many areas, including the end of the peninsula, Hambleton Wood, Sailing Club, the main basin and spud bay. Two of our Anglers had a great day on Sunday with the pair catching 43 fish between them!

Bank Anglers reported fish off Normanton, Sykes Lane, Yellowstones, spud bay, New Zealand point and the Bay Tree bank (opposite the lodge). Fish were moving in these areas, feeding on pin fry snails, and shrimp whilst there have also been quite a few daddy long legs on the water... some of exceptional size!!

Prospects - 2000 fish have been stocked this week (season total 46,000). The aerators are now on, so expect a lot of fish to be holding in this area. Fish are still being caught off the bank with Anglers fishing in the late evenings reporting good sport with dry flies working well.

Fly's to try

Nymphs: Diawl bach, cruncher, hares ear

Dries: Hares ear,  yellow owl, shipmans

Lures: Blobs, boobies, cormorant

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