Rutland Water week ending 17 October

1 month ago

Fish week 2,024 Returns 538 Rod average 3.76 

Rutland Water fished to a rod average of 3.76 this week with a mixture of specimen sized Browns and Rainbows along with recent stock fish. We have seen some excellent quality fish caught this week including three 6lb Browns and a 7lb Rainbow. 

Boat anglers have found fish widespread from the top of the North Arm, through to the main basin and into the bottom of the South Arm. A number of Browns in the 5lb to 7lb range have been recorded. We have also seen an increased number of good Rainbows around the 3lb to 5lb mark with reports of sightings of much bigger fish of either species moving and feeding on the surface. 

Fly patterns for the bigger fish have been fry patterns, but dry fly are accounting for a number of fish. Perch and Roach fry are on the list with minkie, suspender minkie, floating fry, black or white humungus and olive snakes working well. Snail and shrimp feeding fish have fallen for various dries, with hares ear, shipmans, and daddies working well. A lot of fish are around the weedbeds and it’s well worth a go with a fast sink line in the deeper water (off the weedbeds) with fry patterns accounting for some cracking fish. 

Bank fishing has picked up, with the decrease in water level and this has given access over the weedbeds, with the peninsula, Normanton, Sykes Lane and New Zealand Point well worth a visit. Be prepared to cover a lot of bank, rather than picking one spot. Big Browns and Rainbows have been recorded recently. Fry patterns fished on the surface in some areas have worked well, fish have been caught in some of the clearer, deeper water on patterns like minkies and humungus. 

2,500 more stock fish are due to be stocked this week bringing the season’s total to 65,334 fish. 

Prospects look excellent, especially with the reports of very big fish now starting to show. 

Forthcoming events 
George Moore Memorial Trophy (rudder) 6 November 
Zander Cup 13 November 
Anglian Water Rudder Match 20 November 
Fur & Feather (bank) 5 December 01780 686441 

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