Rutland Water week ending 10 March

3 years ago

Opening weekend at Rutland Water

Rutland Water opened on Friday 8 March. Conditions were challenging at times, but encouragingly fish were caught from a lot of different areas of the reservoir off the bank which bodes well for the coming weeks with a good spread of fish already.

Bank anglers struggled for any consistency in regard to flies and lines with East Creek area the most consistent. Gary Holloway took a very special brown of 10lb 8oz which was quickly weighed and returned to the water. It was the same story for many boat anglers with slow glass to di7 all accounting for fish! Church Bay provided a lot of sport for boat anglers with di7 and di5 the best method with small boobies and blobs. A lot of the fish in Church Bay were found in large concentrations circa 50—80m off the bank. Bright flies were best in general with a good old tequila blob the most successful. 

With strong winds forecast from the west for the next few days we would just like to highlight that a strong westerly is our worst wind here at Rutland for getting the boats out and may lead to disruption. Also until April we have 'early season' bank restrictions which mean there are very limited places to get away from such winds and enjoy a session on the bank. 

We want you all to enjoy a day’s fishing with us, so keep an eye on the weather and bear this in mind when planning your trip. 

Stocking will continue this coming week with another 3,000 rainbows, it will only be a matter of time before some arm wrenching sport ensues! 

Forthcoming events

Independence Day Trophy (best fish) 1 April

Anglian Water Airflo International – Northern Heat 29 April

Davy Hodgson Memorial 5 May

Anglian Water Rudder Match 11 May

Airflo Invitation Match 15-19 May

Bob Church Classic 2 June

Beginners courses: 14,23 & 28 March; 7,14,20,25 & 27 April; 16,25 & 29 May; 7,16 & 29 June and throughout the season.

Boat handling courses: 29 April, 14 & 30 May; 5,10,17 & 24 June and throughout the season.

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