Ravensthorpe week ending 23 June

2 years ago

Fish 350 ( Season 7,199) Returns 57 (972) Rod average 6.1 (7.4)

Anglers are enjoying top of the water action at Ravensthorpe this week with a rod average of 6.1. Ravensthorpe continues to fish well on the top with many fish feeding on snails and damsels in the wind lanes.

Drifting boats fishing from the middle of the reservoir to the west bank, particularly in Tall Willow Bay and the Domes, have been the most successful with many anglers having red letter dry fly days.


The profusion of ramshorn and pond snails floating along the surface means snail patterns are a must on the cast with small deer hair creations such as muddler or G&H sedge proving successful. Others have caught well on static bushy bob’s bits or big reds.

Midge hatches and sedge hatches are large when they occur and so worth imitating also with crippled midge, shipmans buzzer and small hoppers.


Grafham Water Fly Fishers Dry Fly Day at Ravensthorpe. 

13 GWFFA members fished in the club’s annual dry fly day at Ravensthorpe Reservoir on Sunday 23rd June. Most anglers opted to fish across the middle of the lake. The fish were taking small buzzer, a few terrestrial flies, damsels and floating snail.

Various patterns were successful with Stuart Stenning-Whte taking top rod with 12 fish to the boat. Stuart caught his fish on a home tied dry daddy and a deer hair sedge, Runner-up Peter Waterhouse fished mainly with a Klinkhammer and a black hopper. Others were fishing small bobs bits, hoppers and CDC buzzers. Following a BBQ lunch anglers found the early afternoon quiet. A late afternoon rally by three others could not quite catch up with Stuart and Peter. All fish were returned. David Moore had a rainbow of about 6lb which he said was probably one of the best conditioned fish he had ever caught. 82 fish were caught for a rod average of 6.3. A big thank you to David Rowe the ranger for his help with the day. 

1st  Stuart Stenning-White 12 fish.
2nd  Peter Waterhouse 11 fish 
3rd  Lianne Frost 9 fish. 

The bank fishing at Ravensthorpe is a challenge due to low water levels and the weed growth but fish are still possible around the weed as they feed close in mainly on emerging damsels.

Fishing Stats

Best Rainbow: 6lb 10oz taken by Mick Griffin.

Best boat areas: Middle of reservoir to Tall Willows, Catwalk Corner.

Best bank areas: Monger bank and the dam.

Midweek boat winner: John Crossan.

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