Ravensthorpe week ending 19 July

2 years ago

Fish 277 (Season 2,669) Returns 69 (330) Rod average 4.6(8.0)

Ravensthorpe continues to fish well due to good water levels, consistent water temperature and very little algae making conditions favourable for great sport. 

The fishing is still best in the top foot of water with fish rising freely throughout the day and coming readily to the dry fly. In a moderate breeze deer hair sedge or daddy long leg patterns in size 10 have been effective. In a light wind scale down to size 12 or 14 in crippled midge, klinkhammer, Bob’s bits, Shipmans, cdc shuttlecock. Remember to degrease your leader and present the flies in the surface film for more solid hook ups.

The majority of the fish being caught are in the region of three to four pounds and have grown on well. This is one major benefit of the lockdown and through maintaining our stocking the fish have been able to settle in to the water and feed naturally, steadily gaining weight and condition. All of this makes for hard fighting fish so please take time to revive the fish properly before releasing

Boat anglers have caught fish throughout the week and those who struggled with flies found that fabs or small boobies coupled with crunchers on the cast soon got them in to the fish.

On Sunday Ravensthorpe hosted the Mick Griffin Ravensthorpe challenge. Anglers enjoyed good sport throughout the morning employing various methods to tempt the fish. The best four fish weighed 11lb, followed by four at 10b 7oz and four at 10lb 6oz

Bank fishing at Ravensthorpe is still very much worth a go. Don’t be put off by the aquatic plant growth. Fish are drawn to the beds of Canadian waterweed because of the abundance of food it contains and can be caught close in as long as dry fly or washing line methods are employed and when hooking fish you keep them high in the water

Best Rainbow: 7lb.

Best boat areas: Coton End but also margins from Mongers to Tall Willows.

Best Bank areas: Platforms four to twelve.

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