Ravensthorpe week ending 11 November

3 years ago

Rod average 5.8 (Season 5.3)

It’s definitely worth a trip to Ravensthorpe with a rod average of 5.8 for the week and plenty of nice fish moving about. On Monday Mr Hodson fished wets at the Coton end and had four fish including one of 3lb. Bob Midmer fished the bank that day from the dam and caught seven fish.

On Tuesday both the bank and boats fished well with Alan Duffin netting 12 fish in front of platforms four and five on black buzzers. On Friday Mr Noble had a memorable day bringing 25 fish to the boat on a small viva in front of the lodge.

There are lots of fish shoaled up in front of the lodge and these may be caught by anchoring along the white buoys and casting toward the pontoon or with a careful back cast from the bank.

Fishing Stats

Best Rainbow: 3lb.

Best boat areas: Along buoys in front of lodge or Mongers.

Best bank areas: Monger bank.

Midweek boat winner: Bob Midmer.

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