Ravensthorpe Water week ending 2 June

2 years ago

Fish 236 (Season 6,555) Returns 63 (850) Rod average 3.7 (7.7)

Top of the water sport switched on at Ravensthorpe this week. Despite a tough start to the week with some anglers struggling to find a consistent method the fish at Ravensthorpe have really started feeding on naturals in the top two feet of water.

Damsel nymphs are abundant and small damsel patterns are working just sub surface. There are also plenty of snails floating around and so a small deer hair pattern can work well to pick up fish exploiting this food source. Pond olives continue to hatch off sporadically and buzzer hatches  are a regular occurrence. Try crunchers and diawl bachs with a popper hopper to hold them up in the water where the fish are feeding. Cdc buzzer patterns are also well worth trying.

The weekend fished well with many anglers reporting having their hooks straightened and being broken by smash takes. We recommend a balanced set up and not fishing any lighter than 6lb breaking strain leaders.

On Sunday Ravensthorpe hosted the Mick Griffin Challenge; a floating line invitational match which fished pretty well despite blustery conditions. Top spot went to Dave Rowe with four fish for 10lb 13oz, including a well mended 3lb 8oz fish. Mick Griffin came second with four fish for 10lb 3oz with Mark Mathieson in third place with four fish for 9lb 14oz.

Bank fishing is still a viable prospect, but floating lines and buoyant or floating patterns are the order of the day due to weed growth. The dam or Monger bank are the best bank spots.

Fishing Stats

Best Rainbow: 4lb.

Best boat areas: Tall Willows to Lodge and Coton End.

Best bank areas: Mongers and dam.

Midweek boat winner: Derek Martin.

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