Ravensthorpe Water Fishing Report - Week ending 22 April

6 months ago

Fish 447 (season 2,271) Returns 74 (292) Rod average 6.0 (7.77)

A great week was had by most anglers who visited Ravensthorpe.  Fish are switched on to the buzzers big time. Some individuals are catching large numbers of fish, bringing 20-30 to the net. Boats are the most popular method as in bright conditions the fish are just out of reach from bank anglers in deeper water. The dam wall is an exception.

There are no particular hot spots and the fish are well spread across the reservoir.  This week’s midweek boat winner is John Crossan. The two biggest fish of the week both weighed 4lb and were taken by Phil Turner and Mark Draper.

The EMFTA match at Ravensthorpe last week was very eventful with Tracey Rathbone catching a 30lb plus Pike on a size 12 buzzer whilst fly fishing in the match! Fellow anglers Bob and Roger assisted in landing the fish.  21 anglers caught 198 fish, for a rod average of 9.4.  Top boat went to Bill Knight and Ray Storer who had 31 fish to their boat.

Weekly Stats

Best Rainbow: Two at 4lb taken by Phil Turner and Mark Draper.

Best boat areas: Domes, Willows, Island.

Best bank areas: Platforms 4-8.

Mid week boat winner: John Crossan.