Ravensthorpe Water Fishing Report - Week Ending 1 April

7 months ago

Fish 303(season 726) Returns 35 (117)Rod average 8.6(6.2)

Ravensthorpe has really switched on this week with a rod average of 8.6.

The cold weather this March made for a relatively slow start to the season with water temperatures slowly creeping up. By 1 April temperatures stood at 7.5 celsius and the buzzers are beginning to hatch in numbers.

Most anglers are still having success with lures fished deep and slow with Bob Draper and Barry Cross both having six fish apiece from the bank on Monday using sinkers with black and green lures.

Frazer Duffy caught 11 fish on snakes and di3 on Wednesday also from the bank. Pete Webb had the best boat session ever at Ravensthorpe on Friday landing over 50 fish. Pete was using a fast glass line with a 17’ leader. His team of flies was Pitsford Pea on the point, red holographic diawl bach and a green skinny buzzer.

Despite wet conditions on Saturday the boat buzzer fishing continued with most anglers landing around 10 fish on midge tip with various patterns. Easter Sunday was cold but with some calm spells buzzers hatched in larger numbers and fish were caught mainly on the boats.

Weekly Stats

Best Rainbow                              5lb taken by Bob Sharp

Best boat areas                          Tall Willows to Mongers

Best bank areas                          Platforms 2-8

Best methods                             See report

Mid Week Boat Winner             James Cavanagh