Ravensthorpe Reservoir week ending 10 June

4 months ago

Fish 59 (season 3,457) Returns 25 (623) Rod average 2.36 (5.54)

A challenging week at Ravensthorpe as fish seem to be pre-occupied with the prolific damsel fly hatch. Some fish are taking dries ie cdc hares ear. Tups are indispensable. Also standard hares ear pattern has been working when fished on a floater figure of eight. Use a medium speed retrieve in the first 10 inches of water, but only in a decent ripple.

Fishing stats

Best Rainbow: 5lb 8oz.

Best boat areas: Island side of reservoir.

Best bank areas: Platforms 13 and 14 early morning; dam when cloudy.

Midweek boat winner:  Mark Bradbury.