Ravensthopre Water Fishing Report - Week ending 18 March

6 months ago

Fish 35 (season 275) Returns 13 (54)Rod average 2.6 (5.1)

It’s been a quiet week at Ravensthorpe. Boat anglers fishing mid week caught fish but when the weather took a turn for the worse very few ventured out. Although the weekend brought cold weather, snow and high winds prospects look better with higher temperatures forecast.

There’s not been much activity on the bank.

Methods mentioned this week included ‘small lures, black and green, cats whiskers’ with a method of ‘count to 20 and slow pull back’.

Weekly Stats

Best Rainbow                     3lb 4oz taken by Mark Tebbun

Best Boat Areas                 Near Catwalk

Best Bank Areas                Platforms 13 and 14

Best Methods:                    See report

Mid Week Boat Winner:   John Wise