Pitsford Water week ending 19 September

1 month ago

Fish week 118 (Season 8,823) Returns 32 (1,528) Rod average 3.7 (5.7) 

Pitsford is beginning to stir, especially on the more overcast days. There is some colour in certain areas and more wind would help to disperse it. There have been a lot of fish reported around E Buoy and F Buoy and on drifts between the two marks with lots of rising fish happy to take daddies or nymphs fished right on the surface. One day ticket angler fishing around the weedbeds used these tactics to catch three cracking fish of 5lb,4lb and 2lb 8oz. 

There are plenty of daddies (Crane flies) being blown onto the water at the moment and the fish are happy to come up for them. 

Shrimp and snails are also on the menu but there has not been much activity to the fry yet. 

Best Rainbow: 5lb. 

Best bank areas: Gravels, Sermons and Pines. 

Best boat areas: The Narrows, E,F and W Buoys and Brixworth Bay. 


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