Pitsford Water Week Ending 12th May 2024

1 week ago

Rod Average - 4.0

Sport has slowed a little this week on Pitsford with a rod average for the week of 4 and currently the month average on 6.

A fresh stocking of 2000 fish on Thursday livened things up with 1000 being stocked into the small half down near the boat pontoon.

Anglers fishing the TEFF qualifier on Sunday found some of these fish which led to some quick limits during the match.

Elsewhere on the lake there was some early algae showing in a couple of areas but the main bowl and dam areas remained clear and there were lots of fish in these areas.
Imitation patterns are still best with buzzers and nymphs such as diawls and Muskins accounting for the majority of fish.

Those that dropped on the recent stockies found they would come to blobs and boobies pulled or stroked back on intermediate lines.

The best areas this week have been Pitsford Creek and the top of the Pines into Table Bay, Brixworth Bay, Sailing Club and the small half from the pontoon along the bank towards the Holcot arm.  

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