Grafham Water week ending 8 November

1 year ago

Fish 366 Returns 73 Rod average 5.01

Grafham Water has been enjoying some much needed settled weather over the last week or so. Prior to the second Lockdown boat fishing has been quite productive. Unfortunately, for the time being during this second period of lockdown, all boat fishing has had to close. We hope to resume again after 2 December.

There are a considerable number of fish tight into the margins and it has been said that the best fishing at Grafham is from the bank. Good conditioned fish are being caught regularly by the determined bank angler, undeterred by the cold and the required early starts. Use shrimp or fry patterns and don’t be afraid to pull the lure and twitch it through the water. One angler found over forty zander fry in the stomach contents of a 5lb rainbow. These fish are feeding and they are there for the catching so long as you are prepared to put the rod hours in.

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