Grafham Water week ending 7th July 2024

2 days ago

Rod average - 3.0

This week brought with it some changeable weather, with some moderate winds & heavy showers which lowered the water temperature & saw the fish returning to feed high up in the water column.  

We also stocked an additional 2000 Rainbows on the north shore, this follows on from the 5000 fish we had put in the previous week.

Fish have been caught from various locations, from the margins to open water, on a variety of methods by those targeting fish in the upper layers. The fish around the margins are continuing to feed on shrimp, the rapidly developing fry & Damsels, whereas fish in open water have been feeding on migratory snails, emerging insects, balls of fry found around the Buoys. Another point to note is there have a been a few Daddy Longlegs spotted around the fishery & it is only a matter of time until the fish will turn their attention to them. 

The most productive methods has been the washing line, with colour on the point & top dropper, with a couple of nymphs in the middle, Diawl Bachs, Crunchers & Muskins have proven very effective. Other patterns that have produced are fry patterns, including traditional patterns such as Pearly & Silver Invictas. Dries have also produced on the days with favourable conditions, with the old favourite CDC Yellow Owl taking a few fish. 

From the bank, the Harbour Arms have been productive, have has the Marlow Jetty, Deep Water & Pylon Points. The boats have found fish, as previously mentioned, from various locations. 

Saturday saw us host the latest round of the Association of Major Fly-Fishing Clubs & also an Invicta club match which both fished well, with AMFC fishing to a rod average of 7.4.

The forecast for the forthcoming week looks great with cooler weather to come.   

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