Grafham Water week ending 7 November

9 months ago

Rod average 3.4

The biggest fish of the week was a 5lb 9oz Rainbow. 

Despite the tricky conditions the past week at Grafham has produced some good sport from both the bank and boat alike. Although we haven’t been seeing any cricket scores there have been some fantastic over wintered Rainbows reported. 

Most of the fish have been caught along the north shore or in front of Plummers and Gaynes Cove. The best method is undoubtedly a shrimp pattern fished on a floating line with a slow retrieve. Most of the fish are being caught within 20 feet of the shore so a stealthy approach will be key if fishing from the bank. 

If you are struggling we would recommend you keep moving to cover more water as once you find the fish it is quite common to catch your limit in a very short period. 

If you are bank fishing please remember to check that there is no one passing before making your cast. 

Predator fishing has seen some excellent zander being caught and a few pike to low 20’s. The big perch have disappeared this week but with nights drawing in and light levels dropping we anticipate that it won’t be long before the perch are back with a bang. 

Hinckley Shield 31 October 

Eight teams of 6 rods fished this inter-club bank match organised by Invicta FFC at Grafham Water on a stormy day. 

Catches were good in spite of the atrocious conditions with 14 anglers catching 6 Rainbow only limits from Gaynes, Plummer, Seat, Dam, G Buoy and Pylon on both shrimp patterns and snakes. 

The top team was Elinor with 34 of the maximum 36 fish weighing 69lb 10oz ahead of GWFFA A (26 fish) and GWFFA B (25 fish) 

Top individual was Tom Cooper of RWFFA with 16lb 1oz ahead of Fraser Duffy Snr. of MNTFA B with 15lb. and the heaviest Fish went to his team-mate Terry Bayes 3lb 6oz. 

The consistent fishing all around the reservoir and rod average of 3.6 bode well for the Shrimpmasters series starting on the 14 November. 

Winter restrictions 
Some Winter restrictions are now in place at Grafham. Search Anglian Water Fisheries on Facebook to view a detailed map showing the out of bounds area on the West Side. 
Shrimpmasters 2021 
Grafham Annual Winter Bank League 
This popular series commences on Sunday 14 November with  6 rounds and points awarded for each round and the winner based on the best 5 results. 

November 14 and 28; December 12 and 28 and January 9 and 16. 
These dates are all Sundays with the exception of Tuesday 28 December. 
Registration will be outside the lodge between 08.00 and 08.30. There is an entry fee of £1 payable before fishing each day with optional pool £9 for each round. Fishing commences at 9am and concludes at 3pm, weighing in before 3.30pm. 

Rules are kill your first 6 trout, no catch and release or sorting, then cease fishing and weigh in. Points are awarded as follows: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points etc down to 8th place for  3 points. All others weighing in are awarded two points and blankers get one point for attending. On the last day a trophy and Anglian Water tackle voucher will be awarded to the overall winner based on their best five results. 

Tackle shop hours – Our Lodges are open 8am to 2pm daily. 

Forthcoming events 
Fur & Feather (bank)
 28 November 01480 810531 

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