Grafham Water week ending 5 December

1 month ago

Rod average for week 3.7

Grafham's Fur and Feather was fished on 28 November. 24 hardy anglers braved freezing temperatures and a northerly wind to fish this popular bank match with some terrific seasonal prizes. Most anglers opted to start from the shelter of the north shore. The winning bag went to an angler who chose to fish into the bitterly cold wind at the Seat. Despite large numbers of shrimp around the fish seemed to prefer snakes and the top rod was back at the lodge by lunchtime with a 6 fish limit for 15lb 8oz. Another bag of 6 fish for 15lb took second place. Overall 56 fish were weighed so the rod average was 2.5 fish per angler. The fish caught were an amazing quality, averaging 2lb 6oz. They are feeding well on fry and snails as well as shrimp. There were plenty of stories of big fish being hooked and lost. The best fish weighed in was a Rainbow of 4lb 2oz. 

Since last week’s Fur and Feather Grafham has had a quiet week with not many anglers braving the inclement weather, but despite this has fished to a 3.7 rod average. The best bags have been coming from Coves Point and the Seat, these seem to be the most consistent points from the bank. The best areas do vary with wind direction with all the points on the north shore good in anything northerly and the Seat, Plummer or Perry Point in a southerly. Best methods continue to be  small snakes (particularly olive) or a shrimp and FAB set up. The Dam is currently out of bounds to bank anglers until further notice. However, boat anglers on a favourable wind can make full use of the shrimp feeders close in along the wall. 

Again, the best areas are very dependent on the wind direction with all the points on the north shore good in anything northerly and the Seat, Plummer or Perry Point in a southerly. 

Boat tactics will be the same as from the bank. There have been fish spotted in Pig bay that were too far out for the bank anglers so they might be ideal for the boat anglers to have a crack at. 

Shrimpmasters 2021 
Grafham Annual Winter Bank League 

This popular series has a total of 6 rounds  with points awarded for each round and the winner based on the best 5 results. 

Remaining matches: December 12 and 28 and January 9 and 16. 
These dates are all Sundays with the exception of Tuesday 28 December. 
Registration will be outside the lodge between 08.00 and 08.30. There is an entry fee of £1 payable before fishing each day with optional pool £9 for each round. Fishing commences at 9am and concludes at 3pm, weighing in before 3.30pm. 

Rules are kill your first 6 trout, no catch and release or sorting, then cease fishing and weigh in. Points are awarded as follows: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points etc down to 8th place for  3 points. All others weighing in are awarded two points and blankers get one point for attending. On the last day a trophy and Anglian Water tackle voucher will be awarded to the overall winner based on their best five results.

Predator fishing
Predator fishing has been good with multiple Pike, Perch and Zander reported. In recent weeks we have had a 27lb 8oz specimen Pike reported, this was taken on a dead bait near G Buoy and was backed up by multiple zander to around the 12lb mark and Perch to 4lb. Both towers have been producing the goods as has the area between the north tower and G buoy so if you are planning a day out for the predators be sure to cover as much water as possible until you find the fish. continued to be very popular this week with reports of a nice catch of five 4lb plus Perch coming to crank baits near G mark. The zander are still coming from the deeper water along the pipeline and the pike anglers are as secretive as ever. 

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