Grafham Water week ending 5 August

4 months ago

Fish 127 (Season 8,966) Returns 35 (1,816) Rod average 3.63 (4.94)

It has been a good week at Grafham with plenty of fish being caught, including some cracking bags from our anglers. Despite the hot conditions and the distinct lack of cloud cover many will be surprised to know the fish are generally being caught between 5-10 feet down in most areas of the reservoir. This earned us a fantastic rod average for the time of year – a very respectable 3.63.

Some of the most notable catches this week include Neil Walker’s 8 fish to the boat; Mick White managed 8 fish to the bank; Mr Pribyl had a great day with 9 fish; David Newens also managed to bag up a limit and Mr Stern released 6 fish on his trip too. Mr Dootson enjoyed a very successful day landing three Brownies to his boat, for a combined weight of 14lb and one of his fish was estimated to weigh over 7lb. Finally a special mention for the top rod Dave Scholefield who caught 34 fish across two sessions; his best fish was a 4lb Rainbow; a top effort with 19 fish in one of his sessions.

Bank fishing has certainly improved in any area where you can cast into deeper water. The most popular area is the dam, however that does not mean that fish aren’t holed up elsewhere. Many anglers are using floating lines with long leaders, or a midge tip, with the washing line being the more common approach. Sizes 14 and smaller are picking out the better fish with diawl bach and hares ear being whispered around the café more often than not! Others are fishing with large black lures for varying levels of success, though these are usually coupled with a sinking line. This week will bring some changing conditions which should allow for some better results throughout the day, rather than first or last light.

Boat fishing is starting to produce better results with many fishing the north westerly side of the reservoir, in open water, not far from the aeration tower. Others are concentrating on the deeper water around the aerators and the dam tower; also the bowl has been producing some good fish. You will find that the open water, fishing amongst the wind lanes, will undoubtedly produce fish, not forgetting where the water shelves off into much deeper areas. Again many are using floating lines coupled with washing line tactics, although some are having more success fishing a di5 to a di8, on blobs, boobies and snakes.

The second and final Anguilla Survey for the season will commence this weekend. There will be anglers along the dam, though this shouldn’t get in the way of your fly fishing. Rods will be removed from the water at around 7am and there will be plenty of room for everyone to catch their quarry. Bait boats are not permitted and baiting is not permitted during the day. If any issues arise please do not hesitate to contact the rangers on 07801 674683 during the event.


Fishing Stats

Best boat areas: Aeration tower, aerators, the bowl, open water drifting, mouth of Savages, mouth of Gaynes Cove, South dam.

Best bank areas: The dam, the Willows, Deep Water Point, the Seat, G bank, Marlow arm.

Midweek boat winner:  Malcolm Foreman of Bury St Edmunds.

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Grafham Water Championship by invitation 22 September
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